Breast Cancer Walk

On October 16th – 17th of 2010, the “In it to end it” run to raise funds for the effort to fight against breast cancer will be held in New York City, New York.
Pretty much since 1985 when Dr. Gordy Klatt, a colorectal surgeon from Washington state, ran around a track for a 24 hours in order to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, the tradition of runs and relays as a means to raise public awareness and funds for our worthy cancer causes has continued and has grown.
That run by Dr. Gordy in 1985 was the start of a run that has now spread far and wide for the American Cancer Society which is known as the yearly Relay For Life run.
As mentioned earlier, therefore, on October 16th – 17, of 2010 in New York City, New York, the “In it to end it” run will be held. This run is also known as the Avon walk New York. This run will provide an opportunity for those who feel, as most of us do, that Breast Cancer is something that we can conquer in our lifetimes.
The “Avon Walk” as the New York run in October of 2010 is also known, will be a 26.2 mile walk on Saturday and a 13.1 mile walk on Sunday and will raise much needed funds for breast cancer research.
Anyone wishing to register for the walk and to be present in New York City in October of 2010 for this wonderful occasion, can register via the web site.
If you or a loved one will be in the New York area during in October of 2010, this is a wonderful thing for you to consider as a family activity. This is a wonderful opportunity to bond with others who feel, as we all do, that this difficult malignancy can be conquered.

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