1. What is CancerInPlainEnglish.com?

CancerInPlainEnglish.com is a web site dedicated to providing audio CDs which help people learn more about the specific type of cancer that is important to them. With these audio CDs, we make cancer information easy to understand for everyone. Patients and their families will no longer need to try to read and comprehend difficult to understand books with cancer information having large complicated medical words. Since these are audio CDs, all you need to do is to sit back and listen and these audio CDs will help you understand the things that will help make this whole experience less worrisome.

2. How can I purchase a CD?

You can purchase a CD directly from this web site using the “shopping cart” feature of this web site or you can call the 1-800-564-7525 telephone number 24 hours a day/7 days a week where an operator is standing by to help you with the purchase of the audio CD of your choice. We will then ship the audio CD to you. It is important to note that we will never share your contact information with others and you will not receive unsolicited E Mails.

3. How long does the CD take to get here?

We have various shipping possibilities from regular mail to overnight mail. The shipping costs are the responsibility of the person who purchases the CDs.

4. Can I ship the CD to another address other than billing address?

Absolutely. This is similar to other web sites where this option is possible. The “shopping cart” feature of this web site will help you with that function.

5. If I don’t like the CD or if there is a problem with the CD, can I return or exchange it?

These audio CDs are media and, as such, we can only accept the return of a purchased audio CD if it is within 30 days of the purchase date and if the shrink wrap seal has not been broken.

6. What if I would like to buy one of each CD? Is there a discount? What if I would like to buy a bulk amount of CDs?

Yes. There is a bulk pricing in effect. For more information about purchasing CDs in large quantities, please contact us.

7. Can you tell me about the Doctor who developed these CDs?

Dr. Wesly is the founder and developer of these audio CDs. He is a well respected cancer specialist with over 22 years of experience in the care and treatment of patients with cancer. He was recognized as the “Best Cancer Doctor” by Springfield Magazine and statewide by the American Cancer Society. He was president of the local chapter of the American Cancer Society. Dr. Wesly has studied in some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the United States including the Harvard Medical School, The New York Medical College, The University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center and the renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington. In Seattle, Dr. Wesly studied Bone Marrow Transplantation under the guidance of Dr. E. Donnal Thomas who received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1990 for the discovery of Bone Marrow Transplantation. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Wesly, please read Dr. Wesly’s Bio on the jacket covers of our audio CDs.

8. Do these CDs give me any information for medications needed or used to treat Cancer?

No. These CDs do not recommend a specific medication over another medication, but they do provide guidance and information suggesting why a certain treatment may be superior to another under various circumstances. The final authority in choosing a medication and/or a treatment option for you is your treating physician. These audio CDs are not intended to replace your treating physician or in any way contradict the information or recommendations given to you by your doctor.

9. Is there a way I can hear a sample of the CD before I purchase one?

Yes. Please click on “play” underneath the picture of the audio CD of your choice in order to listen to a small excerpt of the audio CD of your choosing.

10. How long does each audio CD run? (How many minutes?)

Each audio CD is more or less one hour long. This makes them easy to comprehend. The length of time is not overwhelming, but it is just long enough to provide all of the needed information to allow the patients and their loved ones a greater understanding of the type of cancer that is important to them. This length is also an ideal length of time for listening in the car, while you exercise, or just sitting down and understanding the Cancer “process” in general.

11. Can I obtain a written transcript of the information contained in the audio CD?
Yes. A written transcript of the information provided on the audio CDs is available for purchase from this web site or through the operators at 1-800-564-7525.

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