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Colon Cancer Stages

When someone is discovered to have colon cancer, an important question that needs to be answered is “how much has the cancer spread by the time it was discovered”? The system that physicians have agreed upon to answer this question is by separating the amount of spread of the colon cancer into what are known […]

Colon Cancer Symptoms

Colon Cancer is a very important medical problem which affects thousands of people yearly. There are some clues or symptoms that a person can exhibit which may give us an early indication that that person may or may not have colon cancer.

Lung Cancer Diagnosis

The diagnosis of lung cancer is something that brings much anxiety and fear to the person as well as to the family members of the person. For years people have tried to see if perhaps a screening techniques could be found that would allow for the earlier diagnosis of lung cancer, but these efforts have […]

Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Stage 4 Lung Cancer is lung cancer that has spread beyond the initial area in the lung where the cancer started to a distant area such as the opposite lung or the bones or the brain or the liver. Lung Cancer is divided into two different types of lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Treatments

The treatments that are available for lung cancer are as follows: 1. SURGERY. When someone is found with lung cancer, the first and most important determination is to decide if the cancer can be removed surgically. The decision whether to allow surgery or not is based on the size of the tumor when it is […]

Lung Cancer Chemotherapy

The chemotherapy that is used to treat lung cancer is constantly evolving. As new treatments are discoverd and more effective ways of fighting lung cancer are found, these new treatments are incorporated into the fight against lung cancer.

Metastatic Lung Cancer

When lung cancer spreads beyond the original area or spot where the cancer started, this is what is known as metastasis. Following with this thinking then, when a lung cancer is a spread cancer, this is what is known as a metastatic lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Staging

When a lung cancer is found, one of the most important and life-saving treatments available is the possibility of surgically removing the cancer. Unfortunately, this is not always possible since many times, the cancer has spread too far by the time it has been found.

Lung Cancer Surgery

Surgery for lung cancer is the only treatment that truly offers the possibility of cure. Unfortunately, it is not available for many people who develop lung cancer. Many times, by the time we discover the lung cancer, it has spread so far that surgery is no longer a possibility.

Symptoms Lung Cancer

The symptoms experienced by a person which suggest the possibility that he or she may have lung cancer are various. These symptoms are all the more suggestive of the possibility of lung cancer if the person also has the risk factor of having smoked cigarettes for many years.

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