Information on Lung Cancer

A new way to detect lung cancer early

IDH1 – is this finally the blood test we have all been waiting for in order to find Lung Cancers early? In a recent paper in the journal Clincal Cancer Research Jie He, MD, PhD of the Peking Union Medical College in Beijing, China reported that a protein in the blood called, IDH1, may indeed […]

In the treatment of lung cancer does it help to receive chemotherapy after surgery? – YES!

A key factor when it comes to treating lung cancer is that if the lung cancer is found early in its growth, it may be possible to remove it surgically. To remove a lung cancer by surgery is the BEST CHANCE for cure that a patient with lung cancer can have. Unfortunately, there are many […]

Does treatment of Lung Cancer with Tarceva help after treatment with Iressa stops working?

In the treatment of lung cancer, Tarceva (also known as Erlotinib) and Iressa (also known as Gefitinib) are relatively new medications which have been a wonderfully welcome new addition to the weapons available to us in the fight against this difficult disease. A key question has been: What do we do when one of these […]

Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

There is a new test being developed which promises to help doctors find lung cancers at an early point in the growth of the cancer. If this test indeed is as successful as it promises to be, this could be an enormous breakthrough in the care and treatment of lung cancer.

Vadimezan: Promising new drug for Lung Cancer

There is a new chemotherapy agent for the treatment of Lung Cancer which appears to be very promising. This new agent, which is known as either Vadimezan or by the experimental name of ASA404, is still in the experimental / testing stages of development; however the early results of studies with this new drug are […]

BSI-201 Experimental Breast Cancer Drug

Exciting news! There is a new drug for the treatment of Breast Cancer that is now being tested and is showing wonderfully promising results. In fact, the US Food and Drug administration has felt that the early results with the testing of this new medicine were so promising that it has granted this drug what […]

Lung Cancer Diagnosis

The diagnosis of lung cancer is something that brings much anxiety and fear to the person as well as to the family members of the person. For years people have tried to see if perhaps a screening techniques could be found that would allow for the earlier diagnosis of lung cancer, but these efforts have […]

Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Stage 4 Lung Cancer is lung cancer that has spread beyond the initial area in the lung where the cancer started to a distant area such as the opposite lung or the bones or the brain or the liver. Lung Cancer is divided into two different types of lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Treatments

The treatments that are available for lung cancer are as follows: 1. SURGERY. When someone is found with lung cancer, the first and most important determination is to decide if the cancer can be removed surgically. The decision whether to allow surgery or not is based on the size of the tumor when it is […]

Lung Cancer Chemotherapy

The chemotherapy that is used to treat lung cancer is constantly evolving. As new treatments are discoverd and more effective ways of fighting lung cancer are found, these new treatments are incorporated into the fight against lung cancer.

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