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In the treatment of lung cancer does it help to receive chemotherapy after surgery? – YES!

A key factor when it comes to treating lung cancer is that if the lung cancer is found early in its growth, it may be possible to remove it surgically. To remove a lung cancer by surgery is the BEST CHANCE for cure that a patient with lung cancer can have. Unfortunately, there are many […]

Does treatment of Lung Cancer with Tarceva help after treatment with Iressa stops working?

In the treatment of lung cancer, Tarceva (also known as Erlotinib) and Iressa (also known as Gefitinib) are relatively new medications which have been a wonderfully welcome new addition to the weapons available to us in the fight against this difficult disease. A key question has been: What do we do when one of these […]

Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

There is a new test being developed which promises to help doctors find lung cancers at an early point in the growth of the cancer. If this test indeed is as successful as it promises to be, this could be an enormous breakthrough in the care and treatment of lung cancer.

Vadimezan: Promising new drug for Lung Cancer

There is a new chemotherapy agent for the treatment of Lung Cancer which appears to be very promising. This new agent, which is known as either Vadimezan or by the experimental name of ASA404, is still in the experimental / testing stages of development; however the early results of studies with this new drug are […]

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