Colon Cancer Audio CD

Colon Cancer audio CD

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This is our colon cancer audio CD. In this audio CD we review the diagnosis, treatment options and other important considerations about Colon Cancer such as:

What is “Stage II” Colon Cancer?

Will Surgery be needed?

Does a diet high in fiber help prevent colon cancer?

What is Avastin?
How is it helping Colon Cancer care?

These decisions and others are crucial when choosing the best treatment for Colon Cancer. This audio CD will now make it easier for you to make better informed treatment decisions.

Cancer information can sometimes be confusing. Our goal is to provide easy to understand information to help families when they need it most. When it is found early and when it is found in the more advanced stages.

These audio CDs provide you with information without difficult-to-understand medical words that are so often found in books about Colon Cancer. With these audio CDs, we help to make the experience less difficult.

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Colon Cancer Audio CDs


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