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Pink Breast Cancer

The history of the use of pink ribbons as a symbol for breast cancer dates back to the Komen Foundation’s Race for The Cure held in Washington, DC on June 16th, 1990. At that race, the Komen Foundation handed out pink visors and some participants wore pink ribbons during the event.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer sometimes develops and provides no clues or signs that it is present until it has progressed far outside of the colon. Thankfully, however, colon cancer sometimes does give us “early warning clues” or signs indicating that a colon cancer is present. There are approximately 6 key symptoms and/or developments which may suggest to […]

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

The unfortunate reality is that early prostate cancer usually does not give us “clues” that it is present. Typically a prostate cancer that is not found routinely with screening tests (such as a PSA and/or a rectal exam) is not usually found until it has already spread outside of the prostate gland. Nevertheless, sometimes prostate […]

Breast Cancer Walk

On October 16th – 17th of 2010, the “In it to end it” run to raise funds for the effort to fight against breast cancer will be held in New York City, New York. Pretty much since 1985 when Dr. Gordy Klatt, a colorectal surgeon from Washington state, ran around a track for a 24 […]

Breast Cancer Symptoms

In its early stages, unfortunately, breast cancer is usually painless. This characteristic makes regular screening tests such as mammograms and breast self-examinations even more important. On some occasions, however, women may develop signs and/or symptoms which may give us clues or indications to look for breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness

The first National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was an event which lasted a week during the month of October of 1985. This initial event was sanctioned by a partnership of both public and private organizations including The American Academy of Family Physicians, CancerCare Inc. and the AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

The treatment of Prostate Cancer is dependent on various factors. Prostate Cancer can be a very slow growing tumor in some men and a rapidly growing tumor in other men. The key in deciding therapy for Prostate Cancer is the STAGE at which the tumor is discovered initially.

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