About Us

CancerInPlainEnglish.com was created with the desire to help cancer patients and their loved ones to obtain cancer information in an easy-to-understand audio CD format. People can now learn the things that are important to them much more comfortably. Now cancer patients and their loved ones will no longer need to try to read and comprehend books with cancer information which use difficult medical words and are difficult to understand.

The audio CDs offered on this web site are designed to help people make better informed treatment decisions and to give patients and their loved ones the peace of mind that comes with a better understanding of the cancer type that is important to them. These audio CDs are narrated by our founder, Dr. Osvaldo Wesly, a well-respected cancer specialist who has been treating and helping those with cancer for over 21 years. Helping those with cancer is his life’s work and now, with these audio CDs, his hopes are to reach out and help many more people than is possible with only helping people one by one in the daily bedside practice of cancer medicine.

In CancerInPlainEnglish.com, we offer various audio CDs, each with a focus on a specific type of cancer. In these audio CDs, Dr. Wesly covers topics such as: How to detect and find various forms of cancer. The statistics about each form of cancer and, more precisely, who is at risk for developing each form of cancer and what are their risk factors. In each audio CD, Dr. Wesly covers the newest and most promising treatment methods available for each type of cancer. To hear a sample of the audio CD of your choice, please visit our homepage and click the “play” button underneath the picture of the audio CD of your choice. Our hope and mission is to help. We wish to make a difficult and emotionally challenging time a little easier for everyone.

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