Information on Colon Cancer

Can a cancer drug help treat Diabetes?

It turns out that there are signs that a current treatment for Colon Cancer may actually help people who have diabetes. Cancer therapy – and many therapies really – can produce surprising combinations this way sometimes. We may discover, for example, that one medication which is good for one thing is actually good for something […]

Ghrelin stimulates appetite in cancer patients

A new treatment has been discovered which increases the appetite and the nutritional intake of patients with cancer. A major problem, when it comes to cancer, is the loss of appetite. People with cancer just are not hungry. This loss of hunger in cancer patients (and in anyone who is not hungry) is called “Anorexia”. […]

Cigarette smoking and Colon Cancer

Inheriting a gene that increases one’s risk for the development of cancer is like inheriting a loaded gun. That gun never needs to go off unless someone or something pulls the trigger. When we think of cigarette smoking and the health risks that come with that activity, we think of lung cancer, emphysema and other […]

Ramucirumab – no food supply for you!

There is a promising new medicine for the treatment of various forms of cancer. This new medicine is known as RAMUCIRUMAB. Cancer is a formidable foe. It not only starts out quietly and often grows quietly, it also makes sure that it creates its own blood supply to feed its growing appetite as it grows.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer sometimes develops and provides no clues or signs that it is present until it has progressed far outside of the colon. Thankfully, however, colon cancer sometimes does give us “early warning clues” or signs indicating that a colon cancer is present. There are approximately 6 key symptoms and/or developments which may suggest to […]

Colon Cancer Stages

When someone is discovered to have colon cancer, an important question that needs to be answered is “how much has the cancer spread by the time it was discovered”? The system that physicians have agreed upon to answer this question is by separating the amount of spread of the colon cancer into what are known […]

Colon Cancer Symptoms

Colon Cancer is a very important medical problem which affects thousands of people yearly. There are some clues or symptoms that a person can exhibit which may give us an early indication that that person may or may not have colon cancer.

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