Information on Prostate Cancer

Degarelix for the treatment of Prostate Cancer

There is an exciting new medication which was just recently approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the USA) on December 24th, 2008 for the treatment of advanced Prostate Cancer. This new medicine is known as Degarelix and it is made by a company known as Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

Prolia: A promising new drug for Prostate Cancer

Prolia (or, as it is also known, Denosumab) is an exciting new medication which promises to help men with prostate cancer with the damage to their bones that can result from the treatments that are given to control their prostate cancers. Just as cars use gasoline for fuel and jet planes use airplane fuel, prostate […]

An exciting new discovery for Prostate Cancer

There has been a recent discovery of a way to tell the difference between prostate cancer in a man which will grow slowly and will behave in a sleepy and quiet manner from prostate cancer in a man which will grow very quickly and powerfully and will kill the man if it is not treated […]

Radiation Prostate Cancer

When Prostate Cancer is initially discovered and it is found to be pretty much still located only in the prostate gland itself (in other words, it has not spread far into the body), there are basically three options that are available as treatment. The treatment that is chosen depends on A) how much cancer is […]

Prostate Cancer Stage

One of the most important factors in the care and treatment of any form of cancer, is to know how much of the cancer is present at the time when the cancer is first discovered. The way that doctors are able to know and communicate with each other about much cancer is present at the […]


There is new cancer drug known as Abiraterone which has so far produced very encouraging results in the treatment of advanced Prostate Cancer. Prostate cancer is a very frequent form of cancer in our society. Each year 680,000 men worldwide are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and as many as 220,000 will die of this disease. […]

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

The unfortunate reality is that early prostate cancer usually does not give us “clues” that it is present. Typically a prostate cancer that is not found routinely with screening tests (such as a PSA and/or a rectal exam) is not usually found until it has already spread outside of the prostate gland. Nevertheless, sometimes prostate […]

Prostate Cancer Treatment

The treatment of Prostate Cancer is dependent on various factors. Prostate Cancer can be a very slow growing tumor in some men and a rapidly growing tumor in other men. The key in deciding therapy for Prostate Cancer is the STAGE at which the tumor is discovered initially.

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